Updating Case Creation by Confidence in Salesforce

This article walks through how to change the Qualitative confidence intervals (high, medium, low) for automatic case creation.

To start, open Settings ➡️Setup on the menu bar.

After clicking on Setup, type “Custom MetaData” into the Search field.

Select "Custom MetaData Types" under the Custom Code header. Scroll or use Ctrl+F to find “Policy Prediction Setting” and then click on Manage Records Link.

After selecting Manage Records, a new screen will load. On the new screen, select the Policy Cancellation Record option.

With the record now open select the Edit button and mark the desired confidence checkboxes for automatic case creation. Select Save to finalize the configuration. Once the user selects the desired checkboxes, the system will automatically create cases.

⚠️Do not change any other value apart from Low Confidence, Medium Confidence, and High Confidence checkboxes.